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2020 Paradise on Earth Service

Sacred Word of Meishu-Sama


God paints a masterpiece with all sorts of colors.
He paints “Heaven on Earth.”
Ideologies and isms.
Many create them and attempt to move forward,
But their paths are so narrow that, before long, they are unable to continue on.
My followers,
You now take part in the glorious divine work
That humanity has yet to experience.
So I say,
Discard your narrow, small and petty mind!


“Religion should be universal”

To start with, no matter how perfectly it fills all other necessary criteria, religion is not a true religion unless it is universal at its foundation.

If its nature were ethnical or national, just as the state of Japan and the world have been, it would produce conflict. Since such a religion is apt to boast of its superiority and belittle others, it not only cannot work together with other groups, but also, at times, politicians take advantage of this kind of religion to achieve their ill intents.

A good example of this is during the Pacific War, the Japanese militarist government put forth a very radical Shinto ideology. Another would be the wars waged by the crusaders in Europe during the Middle Ages, which also illustrates my point well.

I can list many more examples such as these, and the reason for that is because in the past, religion was ethnically based as I just wrote above. We cannot blame anyone for this because the transportation infrastructure was not as advanced as that of today and international relations at the time were more restricted.

Culture was, in short, still in its infancy, so it was, in a sense, inevitable that religion was connected to a certain location. But now, today, everything has become global and international and so religion should also follow suit.

This is why we have stopped using the word “Japan” for the name of our church and renamed it to World Church of Messiah.

Kyusei, vol. 49, February 11, 1950



Good morning everyone!

This is the first Paradise on Earth service, after the rebirth of our church as – World Church of Messiah.

In the name of Messiah which is one with Meishu-Sama, I want to deeply thank God, for the permission to hold this service together with all of you; expressing all our gratitude to God!

Congratulations for the Paradise on Earth Service, and for your participation in Australia’s Divine work!

I want to thank you for your presence today; after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. For most of us, today it is the first time to be able to come again to the church.

I believe all of us still overcoming our concerns about the spreading of the coronavirus. But I believe God is giving us an opportunity to grow spiritually through this purification. So, let us keep in our mind, to maintain the social distance, at public places, and be positive that we will be able to overcome this purification under the Light of God.

I also, want to thank the presence of the members that are joining us via ZOOM meetings. Isn’t it special to see all of us together?

About the Hymns today, how amazing was the praise to God, that Neto performed today at the service? Has Neto done a good job? I believe that he did an excellent job. He trained so many times before the service, but at the time of the service, our emotions can be so much higher, that we get a bit nervous. Thank you very much Neto, you did really well with the Hymns today in the form of ‘Praise to God’!

This change on the way to read Meishu-Sama’s hymns at the service is thanks to another wonderful guidance that I received from Rev. Miura, the Director of the International Affairs of our church in Japan.

Before we used to just read Meishu-Sama’s hymns, facing the members. But, now, we are reading to God, and rejoicing in our hearts while reading the hymns to God, in the form of praise. That is why from now on, at the services, we will read the Hymns as a praise to God. We will not just read Meishu-sama’s Hymns, but we will “Praise to God!”

Meishu-sama left us, many of His important “Sacred word” in the form of Hymns, and we want to learn more from them. Also in Japan, many people who appreciate poems, have the custom of leaving lots of learning’s in life, in the form of hymns.

Rev. Shirasawa, the vice-president of our church in Japan has that habit too. He always writes many important things in the form of Hymns. I had a great opportunity to be close to him while I was working in our church in Japan. And during that time, he told me at a very special meeting, one of his poems and it became my favourite. And I remember as if he were today in front of me saying. “Humans fall in love and this makes one a poet.”

It is a very special way of expressing all their feelings into a poem of few words, called TANKA, isn’t it? I can feel all his love, just with those few words.

Meishu-Sama loved to express his praise to God, in the form of Hymns. That’s why we receive this important guidance, from our church in Japan, to try to deeply feel the meaning of each “Stanza of Poetry” in our heart and soul. I want all of us to be able to feel all Meishu-sama’s love through His hymns.

Together with this new guidance, to deeply feel the meaning of the Hymns of Meishu-sama; our church in Japan asked us to refer to the teaching of Meishu-Sama from now on as “Sacred Word of Meishu-sama” { 聖言(みことば)}

The term “Teachings of Meishu-sama (mioshie)” will be designated as “Sacred Word of Meishu-sama (mikotoba)” from now on. “Sacred Word of Meishu-sama” includes his hymns, calligraphies, writings and lectures. You will notice that in our next publications.

Changing the subject, Meishu-Sama’s Sacred Word today came from “Religion should be universal”. I believe, this means that we need to be universal!

God’s Love is the love for all humanity; not just a narrow love, as our love for our family, relatives, or close friends. I want to grow together with all of you in this deep love of God for all humanity.

And, “to Love”, needs Action! It is not only for us “to feel”, but we need to say, express, and show in actions! As Meishu-sama taught us about the trilogy of SONEN, Words, Action! ( 心、言、行) Let us always be aware that for our Love to reach people, needs Action!

Also, let us remember that our SONEN, when we are surrendering all and everything to God, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, it is a concrete action too!

In our old way of thinking, we thought that our thoughts, were not something concrete, because they are invisible and not tangible! However, let us remember how many times Kyoshu-sama taught us that the practice of surrendering our SONEN to God, is a very concrete way of practicing our faith.

So, there are many ways of materializing our Love. I believe the utmost materialization of our love would be to please God and return everything to the Lord God. But today, let’s first talk about a few easier examples to understand.

For example, I will report to you today a small example of expressing our Love during this pandemic situation!

I’ve heard from my sister the other day, that my family is currently paying the salary for the assistant of the family, but they are asking her to stay at home and not work for them, because of the COVID-19! They are just purely wanting to take care of her health, and the wellbeing of her family, paying her to stay at home. That generous deed made me very proud of them, and at the moment I heard that I felt straight away deep gratitude to God, in giving our family the condition to help their family assistant in that way. Because they just can do that due to having the permission of God.

That was a nice small practice, that I’ve learnt this month. A different way of expressing God’s love for others.

There was another wonderful example, from a Melbourne member this month. She told me that she is donating plasma every 2 weeks. And I learnt from her that, people suffering severely from coronavirus, need plasma transfusions, and many hospitals are in need of plasma now. This was another wonderful practice of Love for others that I have learnt from the members this month. Also, I thanked God again for giving this Melbourne member the permission and willingness to donate plasma.

Even the small kind deed, of just leaving our car at the back of the property car-park here in Sydney, on the service days is significant. It provides an opportunity for those members who come late or are in most need, to be able to park comfortably underground, closer to the Centre. Today it was even more challenging in doing this practice of altruistic love, because of the heavy rain… I truly asked myself twice, if I should have walked in the rain or not! It was like God testing me! But I am glad, God helped me to make the right decision.

So, I believe that, if we do all the kind deeds as suggested above, and we surrender everything to God, and we praise God, and not ourselves, then, all these kind deeds would have a so much more powerful meaning! Let’s remember humbly that we are just able to do those kind deeds because God is using us as his instruments, and let all of us return all praise to God!

So, many beautiful examples are also posted on the internet, showing how people are helping each other, to overcome this current purification!

Did you watch our Japan Church’s new YouTube video? Last month, Japanese youth members from different parts of Japan, joined hands to prepare a touching video-clip song called “God use me”, which is “Mochiite-Kudasai” in Japanese. This beautiful project aimed to bring peace and God’s Love to the hearts of the local community in Japan.

This was another nice way of sharing our Love with others. I thanked God again, for the permission and opportunity to join them.

Actually, thanks to the pandemic purification, we are broadcasting the service to our members that live so far away. I hope, that using the microphones today, helps the broadcast sound a lot clearer! Here I thanked God, for the purification.

Up until now, I have given you some examples that are more about what we can do materially, to bring the mercy of God to people around us! Now on, I want to talk more about “invisible practices”, as I said before, to surrender our SONEN to God, as a concrete practice!

Since the pandemic crises started, we have had many new guidances from the Spiritual Leader, which on some occasions I could study with you, individually or in a group. And because of the social distancing, most of our studies were done via the program Zoom, on the internet.

I am sure that many of you have already read most guidances, and I am sure you are practicing as well! However, I have the aim to study all guidances of Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama with you. I want to learn together with you, reading the guidances together!

I believe, Kyoshu-sama is constantly guiding us to understand deeper and deeper the true wish of Meishu-sama. And, it is important for us to keep studying together to understand deeply all guidances.

I also want to study together with you, to prepare ourselves spiritually to receive Masaaki-Sama here again, soon!

Unfortunately, this month I received the news that our church headquarters in Japan, had to postpone His missionary visit to Australia indefinitely. However, they said, please let the members know that it is not cancelled! We just need to wait a bit more, for this worldwide pandemic situation with the coronavirus to get better, to be able to re-open the international borders. Now, we cannot predict when it will be re-opened.

When we have the honour of welcoming Masaaki-sama here again, at that time, I would love to present to him our experiences of faith! What we have understood, together! And, what we are practicing, together!

– Can I ask you to try to write-down your thoughts and learnings from all new guidance’s; and share them with us?

– Also, how many people you had the opportunity to share about Meishu-Sama, and the “Who we are – leaflet” on the past months?

I believe when we share this new leaflet with others, we learn so much more, the true meaning of surrendering all things to God, and the meaning of becoming a messiah!

Talking about learning together, the other day, a person asked me: What is the difference between practising my spirituality by myself, and people practising with a religion?

I answered: I believe, one big difference of practising inside of religion, is the huge benefit of working together and learning together! One of the most valuable characteristics of faith or religion, it is to practice together! There are so many things to learn from any faith; and when we are practicing our faith together with others or studying in a group, we can learn so much more than trying to learn everything alone!

Some people believe that they can grow alone, and don’t need to practice faith to develop their spirituality. However, I believe that we would never reach a great goal or a huge achievement, alone!

A very simple example it is to think about the benefit of having a family or being married or having a partner, there are so much more things that we are forced to learn when we are sharing our lives with others, or living in a family. A religion, it is like a bigger family, that if we practice our faith learning God’s Love, we will grow so much more than alone.

That is why I believe, we members of the World Church of Messiah Australia, have a special mission together! I believe, we need to try to pass to humanity, the message of God and Meishu-Sama! The voice of the faithful people when it is projected from their sincere heart has the power to positively influence and change the world.

Religion has the mission to teach humanity that our life is Eternal. Who is teaching this outside of religions? And, how can we achieve this goal alone?

Also, think about, if we did not have a religion, would we be able to learn about the Sacred Word of Meishu-Sama? Would we be able to receive all guidances from Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama?

Kyoshu-Sama now is bringing us a total new faith! A faith that sets us free! A faith that brings us closer to God, much beyond the limits of the old way of practising faith!

We are free now to practise and surrender our feelings to God, without fear of being punished! Like many old religious practices.

For all us members, I believe we need to feel the difference, of understanding Kyoshu-Sama not just with our human knowledge but understand Him with our hearts and soul! This makes a huge difference, in how we will understand Kyoshu-sama’s heart.

Since the Paradise on Earth Service of 2019, Kyoshu-sama told us many times, that normally, we think in the same common way of all human beings. However, we need to understand from now on the true spiritual meaning of all creation, and all things happening on earth!

On the Paradise on Earth service in Japan, this month, Kyoshu-Sama taught us another very important point, that I want to share with you today:

” What we could learn from the coronavirus is that, we could not put forward many of our human plans, facing this purification! Even the Governments, had to impose strong restrictions on many areas of society. I believe that through all the lockdown restrictions, is not God wanting that all of us, could wake up and recognise and understand different things, from what we are looking for?

Many things we took for granted, was taken from us! Anything that we decide, or if we want to go somewhere or everything we do. Aren’t we able to do it, just because of the permission of GOD?? I believe we cannot take this lightly. God is always looking at everything we are doing!”

I believe Kyoshu-Sama is truly showing us the truth, that God is always giving us permission to do everything we want! So, let us recognise God’s permission and always return our hearts and SONEN to Him.

I will wait until we receive the official translation of His guidance and I will bring it to you on the Next Monthly Service. I can’t wait to receive the official translation, to be able to share with you.

I want to end my message today, affirming to you that I believe all religions have a special mission. I hope we can learn from it and enjoy the benefit of participating actively practising our faith together.

I believe what Kyoshu-Sama is teaching us is a pure example of universal Love. And, as religion should be universal, our Love should be universal. Let us recognize everyone and everything inside of us, and return the glory of all things we do, to God.

Let us follow the example of Kyoshu-sama, becoming a humble servant in front of God! He is teaching us to have profound respect and gratitude to God. And to understand that our life is on God’s hand! God is in charge of our lives.

Let us awaken, and learn together all the wonderful guidance we are receiving; such as the last guidance of Masaaki-Sama, about “The True Johrei”!

Let us learn together, even via ZOOM meetings, and practice our faith united! In this way, I believe we will be able to share our faith in harmony with others and bring the benefit of having our faith to many around us!

Today, on the Paradise on Earth, I want to commit one more time with Messiah Meishu-sama, that I will work without measuring any effort, on my spiritual elevation until I can be born anew as a “True Child of God” – Messiah.

Our SONEN, daily thoughts and attitudes, when they are positive, can truly manifest God’s salvation within our heart and soul. We need to live as messiahs and walk the path of becoming messiahs.

I will be always praying for God and Meishu-sama’s wishes to materialise more and more inside of each one of us!

Have a good journey to accomplish your Mission on Earth.

Thank you.

Rev. Horacio de Godoy Junior