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2020 September Gratitude Monthly Service

Greetings of September 2020

By Horacio de Godoy Junior – (Sep. – Father’s Day – in Sydney)


Good morning everyone! How are you today?

Congratulations to all fathers for the Fathers day, and thank you for attending our Monthly Service today.


As today is the Father’s Day, at the service prayer, I have returned to God all my gratitude for Him, representing you and all humanity, thanking Him as our True Father, even though we may not be remembering this fact every day!


I believe God as our Father, nourishes us with His wishes and love, deep inside our hearts, enabling us to accomplish our mission here on Earth. However, it is up to us, to cultivate and follow His true wishes, living here on earth.


On today’s Sacred Word of Meishu-sama, He taught us that the mission of our religion is a large-scale cultural reformation, including teaching about “eternity”.

Meishu-sama said that destruction and construction will come.  And He said that destruction is not the kind that comes from outside, carried out by human hands. – He referred to as the Judgement of God – leading us to repent our sins.  Thus, at the same time, the construction of the new culture begins.


I believe this construction of the new culture is what we are learning from Kyoshu-sama. The spiritual leader said that we are now on the 2nd stage of the Divine work, the stage to construct Paradise inside of our hearts. I believe the 1st stage of the Divine work it is already accomplished.


Meishu-sama wants us to return to this “internal paradise”. Meishu-sama referred to this paradise, as a place that doesn’t have night nor winter.  It is a place filled with Light.  Meishu-sama asked all of us, his followers, to go towards the Light of God and the paradise. (As we say on the words of Light – Come to the Light and call on the name of Messiah, you then will be saved!)


Meishu-sama wants us to awaken to the invisible world. Acknowledging the existence of God and that Paradise exists inside of us.

I believe that if all of us surrender our feelings to God, together with the feelings of our ancestors and of all humanity, we will be working actively on the 2nd stage of the divine work of God.


For us to accomplish what God wants, I want to talk about 3 points today.

  • Sohrei-Saishi
  • The 3 pillars of our faith, inherited from Meishu-Sama
  • Our mission of becoming a Messiah


Talking about Sohrei-Saishi first, I want to remind everyone that our church has already posted on our Facebook, the information that all our requests of Memorial Services to our ancestors, need to be sent to Japan by the 15th of each month; at least 45 days before the deceased date of the Ancestor.


Most members know that Kyoshu-Sama is our spiritual leader.  But many of you don’t know yet that He is also the master of rituals and ceremonies of our Church.  Since the rebirth of our church as, World Church of Messiah, Kyoshu-Sama is officiating the service for our Ancestors, enshrining at the Ancestors Altar, the souls of ancestors and our family lineages.

How blessed we are!

The memorial service for our ancestors, called Sohrei-Saishi, is one of the most important ceremonies of the monthly calendar of our church.  Also, there are 7 different rituals that our Church performs for our Ancestors.

In western countries, we know everything as Sohrei-Saishi, but in fact there are 7 different rituals, for each occasion of our request.  All those 7 rituals are conducted separately, and each service is a very special memorial service for our ancestors performed by our worldwide mother church in Japan.

We just need to remember and send our requests for the memorial services in Advance.

Currently, they are praying for 64 members, and 227 Souls, from our Church in Australia.  If possible, I want to expand this special ancestor’s service to all members in Australia, helping the current 64 members to continue their special prayers for their ancestors, and also being able to help all other members to understand the great significance of this special memorial service.

  • (年祭) Nensai – Yearly Memorial Service. (100 days, 1 year, 2 years, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years)
  • (慰霊祭) 家 Ireisai – Family Lineage Memorial Service for other years or occasions
  • (慰霊祭) 御霊 Ireisai – Soul Memorial Service for other years or other occasions
  • (祖霊祭祀申込) 家 Enshrinement of Family Lineage
  • (祖霊祭祀申込) 祖霊合祀 Enshrinement of Soul together
  • (新霊祭祀申込) 家 Enshrinement of newly deceased – Lineage
  • (新霊祭祀申込) 御霊 Enshrinement of newly deceased – Soul


About the 3 pillars of our faith, inherited from Meishu-Sama, this month we received a wonderful guidance from Masaaki-sama, teaching us clearly about the true meaning of Meishu-Sama wishes.  I hope we can receive the official translation soon, for us to be able to study more together.  On His guidance, He said that the true wishes of Meishu-Sama through Johrei, Arts and Natural Farming, it is for us to recognise the existence of God.


About Nature Farming. Nowadays we can see that so many people in the world are already practicing chemical free farming, or organic farming or Nature Farming.  However, when Meishu-sama started to teach us about it, no one was giving great importance of producing healthier food, respecting nature, and not using chemicals. There was a much greater need for us to start to show to the world this practice.  I even remember that Rev. Watanabe used to say that we don’t need to produce to the entire world, we just need to show them the way Meishu-sama taught us, showing the importance to recognise the existence of God behind the concept of Nature Farming, and for others to follow the guidance of Meishu-Sama.

For example, if the entire world could practice Nature farming, it would be great, and definitely the health of many people would be better.  But, just producing healthier food, would that teach the real wishes of Meishu-sama, through the Nature Farming?

– Do you think that Meishu-sama just wanted us to become healthier?

– What about the acknowledgement of the existence of God?

– Without God, would we have water, soil or seeds?

– What about the eternal life of our Soul?  Is not the existence of God behind everything that is the most important inheritance from Meishu-Sama?


The other day, a member asked me: Are we not going to practice Nature farming or flower arrangements anymore?  I answered that, of course we can continue to practice, but I explained that from now on, at least for a while, we want to focus on studying and practicing all guidance that Kyoshu-Sama is bringing to us.  There are so many teachings of Meishu-Sama that have been neglected, and that many of us didn’t know this until today. Our mission now is to focus on these new sacred words of Meishu-Sama translations and Kyoshu-sama’s guidance first.


Talking about Arts. The activity that our church has most developed in many countries is the appreciation of Arts through flower arrangements.  But, do you think that Meishu-Sama only wants us to learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements, and how to make our places more beautiful?  These are important practices but, it isn’t the main goal of Meishu-Sama.

I am sure that Meishu-sama didn’t want us to become just common human-beings, just developing our material skills.

Meishu-sama taught us to remember the great work of God, every time we see a flower!  This guidance given to us, to remember the great work of God, every time we see a flower is the most important aspect.


Also, talking about Johrei.  From the beginning Meishu-sama taught us that Johrei, was not just a healing.  In the world, we have so many different types of spiritual healing through the hands, since ancient times.  But, Meishu-sama didn’t want to just develop another healing method.  Meishu-Sama always said that Johrei is Gods salvation.

From now on, we need to deepen our learning, on the true Johrei that Meishu-Sama wants us to learn. This is the Johrei through our SONEN, that returns and surrender everything to God, in the name of Messiah which is one with Meishu-sama.


Meishu-sama wanted us to recognise the existence of God and remember the Paradise within us, through the Arts, Nature Farming and Johrei.

– Don’t you think that Meishu-sama would be so much happier, if we can truly recognise God as our Father, and feel that paradise exists within us, and that we need to become a true child of God?

I believe Meishu-Sama would be so happy with us!  Especially because before He passed away, He said that from now is the World of SONEN.


That is why our church wants to focus more now, on the spiritual and invisible work of God in our lives; building a much stronger faith within us, for us to understand deeply all wishes of Meishu-sama, with the correct SONEN.  Please let us determine to learn the true wishes of Meishu-Sama. This is the only way for us to share Meishu-Sama’s true teaching. Practicing internally first!


So, let us think about how much we need to recognise the work of God on our daily lives, until we receive the full translation of Masaaki-sama’s guidance. By next service, I believe that we will receive the official translation of His guidance, and be able to study together.


Finally, the 3rd point of today’s message, is about our mission of becoming a Messiah.  I believe this is to do with the 2nd stage of the Divine work, the stage or returning everything to God and recognising Paradise inside of our hearts.  It will be truly a cultural reformation as Meishu-sama taught us on the Sacred Word today.

There is a very important point for us to understand first: Messiah for our church, does not mean “saviour of the world”, as was the meaning used for centuries. There is a New Paradigm here for us to acknowledge that “All human beings can become Messiahs – true children of God”.

All of us, without exception, need to understand this truth. This is not just another religious belief. It is about a major paradigm shift for humanity, as Meishu-sama said – a cultural reformation.

To be able to experience this new paradigm deeply, I believe it is necessary to accept this “new truth” from the heart. Only after accepting, we will start to walk this new path. Otherwise, we will struggle to understand and will continue to struggle within our thinking, living only within the old paradigm, thinking that we can never reach the level of Messiah.

Not accepting this new paradigm, many doubts will continue to exist within us, leading us to discredit Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word. I believe that today we can understand Meishu-sama’s Sacred Word much more deeply and with a total new way of living!


To illustrate, a friend of mine who is also a follower of our church asked me a question the other day: Can we truly become the same level as Meishu-sama?

My answer was yes! I believe we can reach the level of a messiah, or better saying, we can be born anew as a messiah. Because Meishu-sama was born anew as a messiah. Jesus Christ also became a Messiah, and Kyoshu-sama is teaching us that all humanity needs to born anew as a Messiah.  If this is not our destiny to become divine in nature, what is?


We always expected that a saviour would come, or that the world would change, but everyone is comfortable not making the necessary change within ourselves to actually take the first step towards this huge cultural reform that humanity needs.

Many years ago, I thought that it would be impossible to reach such a divine state as a messiah. Even our dearest Rev. Watanabe, used to teach us that it would be impossible for him to rise to the spiritual level of Kyoshu-sama.  He used to tell me that even reincarnating so many times, he believed that it would be impossible to reach our spiritual leader’s divine level in his life time.  I believe that if Rev. Watanabe was alive today, he would be teaching us differently. He would be teaching us that it is possible for us to be born anew as a Messiah – a true child of God, as Kyoshu-sama is guiding us to be.


To be born anew as a child of god, I believe we need to return to our pure feelings as a new born baby or a child with a pure heart. To keep our pure heart, and unconditional love in our hearts, with our adult mind, is almost impossible, because of so many adversities that we need to face in life.  And to return to this pure heart I believe it is a part of returning to the heaven within us. Learn how to forgive others as God always does forgive us and return to a divine state, I believe this will help us to return to our pure heart while we live on earth.

Studying all guidances of Kyoshu-sama, I believe that it could be possible for us to be born anew on a smaller scale in higher levels. Of course, it would not be on the same scale of being born anew as a messiah.

Every time that we stop committing the same mistakes over and over again, I believe we could be born anew in a different level. But, not yet as a Messiah.

I believe to be born anew is different than just changing our attitudes, because when we change, it means that we are still the same, and can commit the same mistakes over and over again.  However, when we are truly born anew at different levels, I believe that we are not going to commit the same mistakes of the past.

I believe that is what could have happened with Meishu-Sama, because He was already a holy man, at such a high level, doing all the work of God until He became a messiah.


Definitely the ultimate goal for us is to be born anew as a Messiah – a child of God, I believe it is our last goal on Earth.  This must be so special, that we cannot imagine how great it would be.  We can remember the happiness Meishu-sama felt was something beyond His words.


I hope that by studying and experiencing the sacred word of Meishu-sama in our daily lives, all of us can understand the truth that Kyoshu-sama is teaching us. Then, through our own experience, we will be able to pass on this true message to all those closer to us, then to others around us, and to all humanity, in harmony with other beliefs, cultures and religions…


This new paradigm is a truth that we cannot change. We all need to understand deeply that to be born anew as true children of God – Messiah, it is our mission as a human being.


I am sure that Meishu-Sama is recognising our efforts to learn His true wishes.  May God and Meishu-sama’s wishes materialise inside of us, each day stronger than ever before.  In the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-Sama, I surrender all our feelings to God.


May God and Meishu-Sama bless you.


Thank you very much.