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2020 October Grand Spring Service

Hymns Offerings from the Japanese members

Five hymns were selected from a pool of 370 hymn offerings from
participants all over Japan to be sung at the Grand Autumn Service.
As I surrender, to God, the thoughts that well up from within me,
I reverently look to the Grand Autumn Service.
(Shimane Prefecture)

When I discover that the joy of heaven exists,
All of the divine works of God begin to shine.
(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

No matter what happens
I am always together with the name of Messiah.
Courage overflows from the bottom of my heart.
(Aichi Prefecture)

I remembered that I was born with light.
Once again, I return to God’s home.
(Nara Prefecture)

The leaflet filled with Meishu-sama’s wish –
I will open my heart and proclaim it to all!
(Shizuoka Prefecture)

Other twelve Hymns were also selected to be printed for the Service.

I am in fullness.
In my heart is the brilliant light of Messiah
That forgives all and everything.
(Gifu Pref.)

Meishu-sama –
He manifests in this world and true salvation spreads –
Together with Jesus Christ.
(Saitama Pref.)

How small and weak
Is my heart.
But for the forgiveness of God –
My eyes fill with tears.
(Hiroshima Pref.)

I accept the true wish of God
Throwing off all the old clothing.
(Aichi Pref. )

Clearing the debts of my human heart until now,
I will be born anew as a child of God.
(Iwate Pref.)

Knowing that the thoughts and feelings that well up from within
Are materials for God’s creation,
I serve in the way that God allows me to.
(Hiroshima Pref.)

The name of Messiah that had disappeared –
Now, has revived with you, Kyoshu-sama.
(Shizuoka Pref.)

Even after receiving so many trials and tests myself,
I still look up to the path of Messiah, of salvation.
(Ehime Pref.)

Within me, I acknowledge that there is light
Together with the thoughts and feelings that I cannot acknowledge.
(Kanagawa Pref.)

The overflowing power of the Great Messiah –
With reverence, I receive it,
Repenting my sins.
(Ehime Pref.)

I proclaim the gospel of heaven
Together with the brothers and sisters
Who are together with Meishu-sama.
(Aichi Pref.)

Even to praise and say “hallelujah,”
I say with awe and fear
When I think about my sins forgiven.
(Ehime Pref.)

Sacred Word of Meishu-Sama

“Manifestation of God’s power – The time has come when the
Universe is to be blessed”

Question: Meishu-sama, you have changed the name of your church to
Sekai Meshiya Kyo, World Church of Messiah. As you know, Jesus Christ
has also been designated as the Messiah. What is the relationship
between our use of the term “Messiah” and the Christian use of it?
Meishu-sama: In the West, indeed, people call Jesus the Messiah, but
let me say that they still do not have a concrete definition of the term
“Messiah.” The Savior has yet to accomplish His true objective. Or rather,
He was not able to manifest His true power until the first half of the
twentieth century. But now, at last, the time has come when God reveals
His true power. In the West, from now on, I am certain that the Christ is
going to demonstrate his true potential. In the East, the Messiah will
definitely manifest his true divine power. This cannot be understood with
the kinds of religious notions we have had until today – a more mystic
and majestic divine power will appear for the first time in human history. I
am simply a representative of the Messiah, so I have no idea in what way
or form the Messiah will take his course of action. But seeing, albeit slight,
from how God is advancing His work now, I have a feeling that a
tremendous spiritual power is going to bless the Universe – that I can say
for the moment. (…)

Kyusei, vol. 53, March 11, 1950
(…) Portion omitted for the service.