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Vanessa Penna

My name is Vanessa, I am from São Paulo and I have been living in Australia for six months.
Twelve years ago, I began to develop a progressive difficulty in walking. Despite my symptoms coinciding with several known diseases; I do not suffer from any of them. The medical team that treats me (more than 7 doctors from Brazil, USA and Australia) have never seen such a case like mine, and it is not even in any medical books or journals. In other words, I have a neurological unknown disease.
During those 12 years I went through many stages: such as denial, anger, revolt… until the current stage of acceptance.
I came to this acceptance stage about three years ago. I didn’t even know Johrei at the time; however, I was attending a spiritualist religion. Through this religion I already had some understanding about the spiritual causes of the sufferings; however, I carried this belief with me as feeling that I deserved to suffer in a bad situation and that my health condition was a necessary punishment. Also, I had this feeling I wasn’t going to see any improvement due to my low spiritual level.
When I moved to Australia, I met Johrei through a Brazilian friend. After receiving Johrei at Johrei Gatherings in Melbourne, that feeling changed. It may seem quite simple, but I believe that this kind of transformation makes all difference in a person’s life.
After meeting Johrei, I began to understand my condition as a purification, something positive that brings me learning’s, not as a punishment anymore. Gratitude took place with the feeling of guilt and I could recognize from my heart and soul that everything was positive and that I have learned through my difficulties.
My difficulties have made me a better person, happier and even more grateful than when I was in perfect health. This may seem paradoxical: how can one be happier when facing a difficulty? But that’s how I feel now. I appreciate the opportunity and I pray for strength and that I can face it with quiet soul and peace.
If my health will be 100% perfect in 1 or 1000 years I do not know, I just know that I try every day to learn the best lesson from every daily happening, also trying to be grateful in all circumstances. I am deeply grateful for the soul relief Johrei has brought to me.
In a way of expressing my gratitude for this inner change that was allowed to me, I started the Initiation Classes and, in January this year, I was granted the permission to receive the Ohikari. I wish to bring Johrei to the people around me in order to others to discover that same gratitude I am feeling today.
I thank God and Meishu-Sama for the permission of growing spiritually through purifications.
Thank you.