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New Year Message by Kyoshu-sama

New Year Message by Kyoshu-sama

It is with my deepest sense of awe and fear of God that I say the following: Meishu-sama, who is with God, is truly alive within each one of us.

On the 15th of June 1954, less than a year before he passed away, Meishu-sama held the “Provisional Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of Messiah,” and this year marks its 60th anniversary.

10 days before this ceremony, on the 5th of June, Meishu-sama, while still struggling to recover from the stroke he suffered a few months earlier, assembled his most devoted disciples at his house in Atami and told them that a Messiah has been born. He revealed to them that he was “just a new-born baby” and shared his excitement about the surprising fact that he was
newly born as a child of God, a Messiah.

You must know: the sole purpose of God’s Creation is to give birth to us, His own children, and grant us His eternal life.

That is why God, at the inception of Creation, connected us with Messiah
Meishu-sama and has been nurturing us ever since so that God can fulfil His purpose of Creation – to have us newly born as His true children.
As we enter the New Year, I would like to offer my most sincere gratitude and praise to God that all of us believers of Meishu-sama throughout the world can start this glorious New Year full of hope that God will continue to nurture us, throughout this year, to make us His true sons and daughters.

I know that you, through practicing the teachings of Meishu-sama, are determined to learn what God is and what it means to truthfully serve God. I appreciate your continuous effort and I am sure Meishu-sama will be with you, as always, throughout this year.

Now, as we look at the state of our church today, the most notable development is the strong growth of our membership overseas. The number of followers in countries outside Japan is something unimaginable when Meishu-sama and Nidai-sama were still alive, and, now, our religion is much more than just a local, Japanese religion – it has become a global religion.

We have followers in 96 countries outside Japan and the total number of the followers in these countries easily surpasses one million and it continues to increase.

This very fact forces me to think of the greatness of God who Meishu-sama has revealed to us.

The God Meishu-sama has taught us is the God of all gods and is the Source of all things.

This God is eternal and Its grace encompasses all humanity and all nature everlastingly.

Meishu-sama showed us how to heal others through Johrei, how to farm through Nature Farming, how to bring salvation through beauty and through constructing sacred grounds. Meishu-sama taught us all of these various practices and examples so that we could realize that God is alive and exists within each one of us.

And now, at this very moment, Meishu-sama, out of his immense love, is striving hard within each one of you so that you could acknowledge that God does exist within you.

I am certain that Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama worked hard in order to inherit this love of Meishu-sama, and that is why, I believe, Meishu-sama’s light has been able to reach across the world regardless of race, language and culture.

I myself am determined to follow this footstep of Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama and, also, to relay the love of Meishu-sama to the next generation.
Recently, as a result of the tremendous effort of our missionaries, members from Japan and overseas have been able to have various interactions and exchanges.

For example, every year, in Japan, the African members who come to visit the sacred grounds stay over at the houses of the Japanese members. And at the end of their stay, the event, “Membership Meeting for Exchanges between Japanese and Overseas Members,” is held and they share what they have learned through their interactions with other members. I have
been allowed to attend this meeting every year, and I must say that every time I attend this meeting, I am filled with excitement and gain so many new perspectives. I sincerely hope that many members continue to actively participate in these interactions.

Yes, it is true that the way Meishu-sama manifests himself is different depending on each country or, even, on each person. But I am convinced that, to Meishu-sama, all members are equally precious and he makes no distinction among his members and he sees us as one.

Meishu-sama, in one of his tanka poems, wrote:

Though borders separate countries,
To God, the Japanese and the foreigners are all His children.

Just like this poem, if God tells you, “you are My child,” it will be the greatest blessing you will ever receive and, also, it means, in the truest sense of the words, that you are born anew as His true child. Let us have a strong conviction throughout this year that God is nurturing us step by step so that we can be recognized by Him as His true sons and daughters.

To close, I, in the name of Meishu-sama, would like to praise God with all my heart in unity with all humanity, all ancestors and all nature.

Thank you very much.