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New Year Message by Kyoshu-sama

New Year Message by Kyoshu-sama

In deep awe and fear of God, I say that God – the One, Eternal and Creator God of all things in heaven and earth – endowed Meishu-sama with His very own divinity: the status as God.

God is alive within Meishu-sama and within us, as each one of us has received a part of the soul of God, that is to say, a divine particle.

For Meishu-sama and also for us, God is the true Parent, is the One who is the most intimate and the One we have to treasure the most.

The Breath of this Eternal and Living God exists within us. We, together with all ancestors who are living within us, are receiving this God’s Breath of Life every single second.

It is through this Breath of Life that God nurtures us so that we can be His true child and live in eternity.

Expressing my most sincere gratitude to God for this great love of His and praising Him with all my heart, I would like to offer my New Year’s greetings firstly to God and secondly to each one of you.

Happy New Year!

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the founding of our religion.

In 1935, Meishu-sama founded the Japan Kannon Society and thereby declared the start of our religion.

At that time, alongside the organizational bulletin, The Light from the East, Meishu-sama published a magazine called The World of Divine Light. In the preface to the first issue of this magazine, Meishu-sama wrote:

God is Light,
And where there is Light, peace, happiness and joy abound.
In Darkness, conflict, poverty and disease pervade.
For those who seek Light and prosperity, come.
Come to the Light and call the name of Bodhisattva Kannon.
You, then, will be saved.

Meishu-sama is calling us. He is encouraging us to come to where Light is, to where God is, to heaven.

It was in heaven where God has given birth to us as divine particles. Heaven, therefore, is our true Beginning – not the wombs of our mothers.
We still carry this glorious heaven within us.

When I re-read the above words of Meishu-sama at this 80th Anniversary, I am convinced that Meishu-sama is speaking to us like this: “Recall the time you were with me in heaven – your true Beginning. Recall how you were serving God in this heaven. On this earth, you have been living your life in darkness. But the grace of God has come and encompassed you already. Receive His grace and return to heaven as ones who are already forgiven and saved. Heaven is ready to welcome you anytime and is shining gloriously at this very moment within you.”

At this 80th Anniversary, let us respond to the call of Meishu-sama and say to him: “I will now return to heaven together with all my ancestors and with all creations of the universe.”

Meishu-sama closed his preface by stating, “Call the name of Bodhisattva Kannon. You, then, will be saved.”

Since the founding of his religion, Meishu-sama treasured holy names such as
“Bodhisattva Kannon,” “Maitreya (Miroku)1” and “Messiah.”

And from 1950, Meishu-sama began to hold greater significance in the name of Messiah.

On the 4th of February, 1950, he renamed his religion Sekai Meshiya Kyo or the Church of World Messiah in English.

Many of you might not have known this but we started to call Meishu-sama “Meishusama” from this time onward – since February 1950.

And it was not a coincidence that the sound, “Meishu,” is similar to that of “Messiah.” Meishu-sama intended it to be that way. In 1951, Meishu-sama wrote that “…the spiritual sound of the word, Meishu, does not differ greatly from that of Messiah. Meishu might become Messiah one day.”

Also, it was at this time that Meishu-sama added the name, Messiah, to the Zengen Sanji prayer. This meant that now Messiah is the one who advances the divine work.

In 1951, Meishu-sama composed a number of tanka poems under the category, “Messiah.”

One of them reads:

1 God initially revealed Himself to Meishu-sama through these names of “Bodhisattva Kannon” or “Maitreya (Miroku),” which are usually associated with Buddhist deities. Meishu-sama’s understanding of these deities, however, was unique and was different from that of Buddhist tradition. Eventually, these names evolved and were integrated into one name, Messiah.

The time has come
When God starts to reveal His true figure.
He has thrown off the robe of Kannon
And is now being born as Messiah.

Bodhisattva Kannon evolved into Messiah

For Meishu-sama, the name, “Bodhisattva Kannon” has been integrated into the holy name of “Messiah.”

In his preface, Meishu-sama wrote, “Call the name of Bodhisattva Kannon. You, then, will be saved.”

Now, has not the time come when we have to update this and read this part, “Call the name of Messiah. You, then, will be saved?”

The holy name of “Messiah” has the power to bring salvation.

Just like the preface of Meishu-sama, to be able to voice out the name, “Messiah,” in heaven in itself has the power to bring God’s salvation. So let us believe in the power of this holy name, “Messiah,” and return to heaven together with everything, no matter how difficult our life may be at this moment, and call the holy name of Messiah.

As I enter this New Year, I, following the words of Meishu-sama, would like to return to heaven that is shining gloriously within me and praise God with all my heart in the name of Messiah that is always one with Meishu-sama.

To close, I offer my most sincere gratitude to God that He taught me the holy name of “Messiah” through Meishu-sama. I also pray that the glory and salvation of the name, Messiah, will encompass all believers of Meishu-sama, all humanity, all ancestors and all nature.

Thank you very much.