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“Words of Meishu-sama regarding the passing of Reverend Nakajima, February, 1950”

On the day of Risshun, Beginning of Spring, February 4, we have changed our organizational structure.
I had a feeling on New Year’s Day that something was going to happen this year. At first, I thought that a change was going to take place in society but no. It took place within our church, and it was a drastic one.
I am sure that this will affect the society in general and many strange things will occur. I can no longer work as Kannon. In our Zengen Sanji prayer, I have added the phrase, “to have become Messiah.” Now, it reads “…turned into Miroku and has become Messiah.” My divinity has changed from that of Kannon to Messiah. What Kannon has been doing up until now will be done by Messiah. The work of Kannon is limited to the East and is not global.
With regard to the salvation of humanity, our religion, [World] Church of Messiah, will become extremely close to Christianity. I had thought of this in the past, but now, finally, the time has arrived for this to materialize.

The Collected Works of Mokichi Okada, Sermons vol. 3, p. 346, February 1950
* Portion omitted for the service.