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“The principle of Nature Farming”

For people to thoroughly understand this principle, I must explain it through the spiritual science that God has revealed to me. For those of you whose minds and brains are accustomed to established science, my theory cannot be understood, no matter how hard you may try. This will make it rather difficult for you to grasp what I am trying to say here, but I am confident that you will one day understand it should you read my words repeatedly, carefully and meticulously. If you cannot, it means that your minds are trapped in scientific superstition, so you must free yourself from it. *
Now then, I will begin to deconstruct what the true essence of soil is through divine spiritual science. But before that, you need to be aware of the original significance of soil. A long time ago, when the Creator gave birth to humans, He prepared soil to make sure that it produced enough provisions to sustain them. When we sow seeds into it, shoots begin to appear. Stems, leaves, flowers and fruits follow, and we happily take in the harvest. Who is the greatest engineer other than soil who produces the harvest such as grains of rice? We must pay the most careful attention to it, mustn’t we? In soil, there is Nature Power, and this must be the main subject for any scientific research. But science has made a grave miscalculation; it has put its focus on human power rather than Nature Power.
So what is this Nature Power? This is what I call X, which has arisen from the fusion of the elements of fire, water and earth or, in my interpretation, the sun, moon and earth. As people know, at the center of this earth exists a mass of fire, and this produces the heat of the earth. Penetrating through the crust, the spirit of the earth’s heat fills the space up to the level of the stratosphere. There is a spiritual side and a physical side to this spirit. The physical side is what science calls nitrogen; the spiritual side has yet to be discovered. Together with this energy of the earth, there is the energy radiated from the sun, and that is the spirit of the element of fire. This also has two sides. The physical side is light and heat; the spiritual side has yet to be discovered. Also, there is the spirit radiated from the moon, the element of water. The physical side is water in its various forms; the spiritual side, yet to be discovered. The three undiscovered spiritual sides of these elements unify, thus giving birth to X. It is by this X that everything in the universe is generated and nurtured. This X is simultaneously nothing and everything, and it is also the Source of the vital force of all things in the universe. Naturally then, even the growth of crops depends on this power of X, and so this power is the genuine and inexhaustible “fertilizer.” Therefore, it is by recognizing this X, and by loving and respecting the soil, that the performance of the soil surprisingly strengthens and improves. This is the true and only method of farming, and there cannot possibly be another way of doing it. *

Eiko, vol. 245, January 27, 1954
* Portions omitted for the service.