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“Telling lies and happiness”

I entered the life of faith about 30 years ago. Until then, my way of thinking was very incomplete. Even though I had always known that I should not act wickedly and only do good, I was not able to put that theory into practice. I did not have the courage. Looking back, I was quite lukewarm when it came to matters of right and wrong. I imagine that there must be quite a few number of people who think in this way. However, as my faith grew deeper, I started to clearly understand not only the relationship between the spiritual world and the material world but also the will of God. This changed my way of thinking completely. I began to realize that wicked acts would result in much bigger sin than what I imagined before, and similarly, righteous deeds would lead to much greater blessing than what I thought before. My mindset has turned inside out and my principle of life has changed dramatically. I have started to repel any kind of evil whatever it takes and act righteously whenever possible. Since I have begun to act this way, to my astonishment and amazement, my life circumstances have started to improve. Knowing that I was on the right track, my confidence has grown stronger and stronger. The more I practiced, the better my life became. Good things kept coming into my life in exchange for my righteous deeds. Needless to say, I gained much trust from the people around me. This, in a nutshell, is how my faith has developed up to the present day. Repel evil at any cost and act righteously – this must be the definite philosophy of happiness.
What I have just laid out is not something that relates to me only. As I observe people in society, I see so many cases where they try so hard but fail to succeed. No matter how arduously they work, they stumble, suffer losses, are disliked, and fail to gain trust from people. In the end, they lose hope in life. If you look at these kinds of people carefully, I am sure that you will find some sort of fault in their behavior. Among those faults, telling lies is the worst. Those who cannot attain happiness must scrutinize their very own minds and hearts. You should be able to find the cause somewhere deep inside yourself and realize that it is in fact your very own faults that prevent you from gaining success no matter how hard you try. In particular, as people with faith are chosen and ordained by God to be good examples for others to follow, they cannot do something immoral, all the more. They have to be truly upright and pure in their hearts. They are the ones whom God loves. They will be protected by God, be bright, cheerful and relaxed. They will enjoy life, not create any enemies, not be envied, and will receive honor from many. They will, in short, be filled with happiness.
One thing you must be very careful of is telling lies. The world knows that the Japanese often tell lies, and this is true. When a person always tells lies, it becomes a habit, and that person does not even notice that he or she has become a liar. *

This teaching of Meishu-sama was written in 1949 but was not made public to the members. In 1964, Sandai-sama gave permission to publish this teaching in the church magazine, Chijo Tengoku (Paradise on Earth), vol. 173, at the time of Meishu-sama’s Ascension Day Service on the 10th of February that year.

Chijo Tengoku, vol. 173, February 1, 1964
* Portion omitted for the service.