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“Sermon on April 11 (at Nagoya Kanayama Gymnasium)”

This may sound strange to you, but the object of worship for our religion – Sekai Kyusei Kyo or World Church of Messiah – is the same as that of Christianity. It is God, also called Jehovah or Yahweh.
I believe you have heard of the term “Light from the East.” This light purifies us so that we can serve God with a pure heart.
Many have foretold the coming of an ideal world, and this secret has been known by all the prophets and messengers of God in the past. Most notably, Jesus Christ preached the advent of the Kingdom of Heaven, and we have been waiting for that to come.
What I am doing now is concretizing this prophecy made by Christ and others. The time has come to turn this world into heaven. Those who know the immensity of our task are rushing to join us at the moment, wanting to be a part of this glorious work.
So you should not be surprised by my statement, “I will construct paradise on earth.” It has been planned by God from ancient times, and now, finally, the time is ripe.
It is for this purpose – to fulfill the plan of God – that each one of you have been imparted the light of God to save others. God made you have the conviction. This kind of thing has never happened before in human history.