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“Repent, for the end of night is at hand”

Jesus Christ warned us to repent through the following two phrases: “Repent, for the end of the world is at hand” and “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” No one, in my opinion, has ever preached the true meaning of these, as, in fact, the time was not yet ripe for us to know. Everyone knows that I always preach that the world is in the middle of a transition. We have been in the “world of night.” But, finally, at last, it is coming to an end and we are entering the “world of day.” This theory of mine and Jesus’s words above match very well. To put it simply, the end of the world is, in my own words, the end of night, and the kingdom of heaven is, in my own words, the world of day. Until today, the world has been in the darkness where suffering pervades. This symbolizes night. The world of day is the world filled with joy and light where all kinds of sins and anguish disappear. (…)
You must know that, in the spiritual world, during the world of night, the element of water was the master and the element of fire followed it. As we enter the world of day, this changes completely and the element of fire becomes the master and that of water follows it. In other words, darkness turns into light. This may not sound like anything significant to you, but it makes all the difference and an unprecedented, great transition will take place. We are going to witness a degree of destruction and construction that we have never experienced before. In the spiritual world, impurity will turn into purity. This purity will then project itself directly onto the material world. Imagine the scale of the transformation that this material world will undergo! Of course, as the element of fire in the spiritual world increases, its purifying power strengthens even more. This course of action will never stop. As time goes by, the purifying force will continue to manifest itself more strongly. As a result, all humanity will be subject to purification, and it will become perfectly clear who and what is right or wrong and who and what is righteous or wicked. (…)
How frightening is the plan of God! This great purification will bring forth an era of fear that we have never known before and many will perish. Knowing this imminent crisis of ours, Jesus has been warning us through his words, “Last Judgement.” We, however, have not been informed of how and when this judgement would occur, and we have not seriously considered the warning made by Jesus. Thus, God is warning humanity, once more, through me, in a much more concrete manner as the time for His judgement has come very near.
What is the divine will for all humankind at this time of the coming Great Judgement? I tell you that it is to save as many people as possible through His love. Remember everyone – God is the one who executes the Judgement and has command over all human lives. Therefore, in order to overcome the dire situation we are in, the only way out is to implore God, dive into His saving hand and be forgiven of our sins. Our sins have accumulated so much to the extent that we cannot carry their burdens by ourselves anymore. It is only through the power of God’s saving hand that our sins can be removed and cleansed. I reiterate. This is the only choice left for us.
God has entrusted me with the task to let humanity know of their final chance to be saved. Those who do not listen to my words of warning are the ones who choose the path of destruction. To you who ignore God’s warning, let me say this. Even if you repent when the final time comes, it will be too late.
Tengoku no Ishizue, Shūkyō (jō):118, December 31, 1949. (Portions omitted for the service.)