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“Preface to Creation of Civilization”

This book is the most prominent and monumental book written in human history and no other book can be compared with it. To put it simply, it is a book that outlines the coming world of a new civilization, is the gospel of heaven, and is the Bible of the twentieth century. I tell you that the current civilization is not a true civilization – it is a temporal one until the new civilization is born. In the Bible, the end of the world is mentioned. This refers to the end of the current, temporal civilization. And there is a prophecy in the Bible: “This gospel of heaven shall be preached in all the world; and then shall the end come.” This book is the materialization of this prophecy. What is more, while the Bible is a collection of the teachings of Jesus Christ, the words of this book have come directly from Jehovah, our Father in heaven, whose existence Jesus repeatedly preached. Jesus also left us the following warning: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” In other words, Jesus did not say that he himself would construct heaven.
I do not say that heaven is approaching. Rather, I say that heaven has already come. Currently, I am working on the groundwork for heaven, and while it is still very small in scale, I am manifesting surprising power and miracles day after day and people are struck with admiration. As this construction of small models on earth progresses on one hand, the global scale cleansing of the old civilization will finally begin on the other. This is nothing other than the beginning of the Last Judgment and it will divide Good and Evil. In short, humanity will enter a stage where the Evil perish and the Good prosper. It is beyond my imagination how many casualties there will be as a result of this. Having said that, out of His great love, God wishes to minimize the casualties to as few as possible, and the publication of this book marks the beginning of the materialization of this will of God. After God has judged the old civilization and has separated Good and Evil, and the righteous and the wicked, those who are deemed good and useful in the eyes of God will survive. Those who are evil and have no hope of repenting will, unfortunately, perish for all time.
Once the Last Judgment is completed, the planning of the new world will begin next. At this time of transition, all the cultures will be reconstructed to a degree that we have never witnessed before. Faults in the old civilization will be corrected and the direction of the new civilization will be shown. All this is well and good but there is one thing we must be sorrowful of, and that is the emergence of the great purification of the sins and impurities that humanity has accumulated for a long time, over the last thousands of years. I am going to explain this now in detail – those who are reading this are being given a chance to be saved. I say that you must take this chance without a moment of hesitation. My task is to notify humanity of the coming great purification and, on behalf of God, urge people to repent. If this is not the great love of God, what is? So now that you know all of this, you must change your mindset as quickly as possible and prepare your heart for the coming days. In God’s final judgment, everything will be determined decisively – those whose sins weigh heavy will perish and those whose sins are light will be saved. You who believe in the judgment of God will acquire eternal life and will be allowed to remain as residents of the coming heaven on earth. Through this book, I intend to let people know fully and have firm conviction as to how profound the plan of God is, how great its scale is, and how barbaric and lowly the civilization until today has been.

Eiko, vol. 170, August 20, 1952