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“Our religion and cultural reformation”

From society in general, though we are deemed as slightly unusual, for we are engaged in the area of religion, most people assume that we are simply a kind of new religion and are nothing special. I cannot blame them for their perception, because, to date, no religion has appeared that is greater than ours. Our religion is not a so-called “religion” and cannot be grasped if one sees us as one of the existing religions (…) for the nature of our religion is unlike any of the religions that exists. I am now going to write about how we are different. The mission of our religion is to find and point out every kind of error not only in the area of religion, but also in aspects that relate to culture as a whole. We inform people what true culture should be and reveal how it can be established. In short, our mission is a large-scale cultural reformation.
As this plan of our religion becomes known to the whole world, I cannot imagine how much attention we are going to get from all of humankind, especially from the intellectuals. While it is true that, from ancient times to the present day, each era has had its own pioneers who achieved revolutionary feats that were beneficial to the improvement of culture, these achievements were limited to a certain area and devoid of eternity. The current state of the world should attest to this. Having said that, among all the outstanding feats to date, I must mention the religious reformation carried out by Shakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, their achievements, I must say, were mainly spiritual in nature and did not cover material aspects. What is more, their influence was limited to a certain geographical area like the East or the West. This was inevitable as, unlike today, they lived during a time when culture was quite immature and the condition of transportation systems, among others, was still inadequate. But now, as we have seen through the first half of the twentieth century, and as the culture of today is much more advanced than of their times, you must agree with me that the great reformation that I am going to start is not simply a utopian dream. Needless to say, what comes next is destruction and creation. When I say “destruction,” it is not the kind that comes from the outside, carried out by human hands. Rather, it is the judgment of God that leads one to voluntarily repent his or her sinful deeds of their own accord. At the same time, the construction of the New Culture begins. Whether you like it or not, the time when this destruction and construction take place is ever so imminent. When this happens, the good will survive and the evil will be completely annihilated. You can imagine where the plan of God is headed.
The only question left is this: Can this kind of seemingly impossible-to-achieve great project be realized before our days on earth end? To tell you the truth, even I myself did not have the slightest idea that this kind of thing could be achieved. At first, I just thought that I wanted to save as many people as possible; I simply believed that this was my calling from heaven. But as I engaged in my daily duties, I came to realize, and quite concretely, that God has entrusted me with the task I just outlined above. Just as I began to have this realization, amazing miracles started to occur one after another, and there was nothing else I could do but to make a total commitment to God’s calling. Out of all the amazing miracles, the greatest one is this: that the Lord God has made detailed preparations for this great project well before tens and hundreds of thousands, no, millions of years ago. I say this because I have seen, with my very own eyes, numerous amount of occurrences that attest to this point. I came to understand that many prophecies left by a great number of the saints in the past also indicate the same point – that the Lord God prepared His plan millions of years ago, that is, the greatest miracle of all. As all of this has been made clear, there is absolutely no reason for me to delay the start. With unshakable and unwavering faith, I am now serving in this great work of salvation with all my body and soul. For those who have no idea what I have been writing about above, I imagine that all of this might sound preposterous and ludicrous to you. But let me just say that, from birth, I have been extremely cautious and, also, timid to the extent that it prevented me from telling absolutely any lies. In fact, I have usually been categorized as an overly honest person. It is this kind of person who is making these daringly bold statements. Now, imagine the firmness of my conviction.
Chijō Tengoku, vol. 33, February 25, 1952
(…) Portion omitted for the service.