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“Era of Religious Civilization”

In advancing the divine work, I only have one basic principle: to bring salvation to the world and deliver people from suffering. This will lead to the creation of a new civilization and that is our final objective. A new civilization is, put simply, a spiritual civilization grounded in religion. It is not material civilization but religious civilization that needs to take a great leap forward. Religious civilization brings forth happiness to humanity and must replace the material civilization that is producing unhappiness. In fact, my aim is to set up a religion that has true power whereby the current advanced material civilization will be utilized to its highest degree. The civilization of evil must turn into one of righteousness. When this actually takes place, the world will enter a golden era filled with truth, goodness, and beauty, and the paradisiacal world far beyond our imagination will be established. Having said that, this is in no way an easy task. Humanity has long dreamed of this ideal world to come forth but that “someone” who could actually carry out this task has not yet appeared. This is because the time was not yet ripe for the ideal world to materialize. But everyone, rejoice! Now, finally, the time has come, and that “someone” who is entrusted with the great power of God has been born. In other words, “I” came into this world. If you understand this, there is no choice but to believe in the absolute certainty of the coming of the promised world. I have no intention to boast about my greatness, but you only need to let humanity know the true identity of who “I” am. The more there are those who believe, the more the love of God will expand, and, as a result, salvation will reach many people.
Accordingly, it is an absolute and undeniable fact that the world of evil is on the eve of its downfall and the world of righteousness is on the verge of its daybreak. This kind of great world transition was prepared by God tens of thousands of years ago. God preprogrammed this a long time ago. Jesus Christ prophesied that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” He also gave us a warning, “Believe, and you shall be saved.” I believe that these statements of Jesus refer to the great transition I am talking about. If that is the case, my words here are nothing but the gospel of heaven.

Eiko, vol. 117, August 15, 1951
* Portion omitted for the service.