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“Acts in concert with Christianity and spreads the gospel widely in the East”

Salvation of humanity and contributing to world peace – the significance of the birth of World Church of Messiah and its mission. Kyusei, vol. 48, Feb 4, 1950.

Q: Why have you started and taken up the position of Kyoshu – spiritual leader?
A: In order to act as a representative of God and stand at the forefront of divine work. Nothing more.
Q: Could you tell us the teaching of this new religion, World Church of Messiah?
A: Our highest objective is to bring salvation to all of humanity. In particular, we are going to draw a sharp line between good and evil. We will protect the righteous and obliterate the evil – this is the definite will of God.
I am deeply resentful that the righteous must suffer and not be rewarded. We will save the righteous whatever it takes and by any means necessary. At the same time, we will completely and utterly wipe out the evil from the face of the earth. We are ready to become a stronghold to achieve this task.
Unfortunately, the battle against the Devil or Satan must continue for a while and we have to endure this as a necessary process until the right time comes.

Q: What is the global significance of the birth of World Church of Messiah?
A: Our principal aim is to bring joy to the whole world through faith. But, in the West, there is Christianity. Jesus Christ preached that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” His teaching is closest to ours, as we preach the establishment of a coming “earthly heaven.”
What Jesus Christ preached is truly worthy of praise. We have to admit his greatness and his divine power to bring salvation to the whole world. For this reason, we – this new religion of ours – wish to carry out our divine mission in concert with Christianity. World Church of Messiah will focus on the East, especially in Japan.
We will strive to save humanity and lead it in the right direction; we ask God to use all our hearts and souls to achieve this task. I am convinced that our efforts will contribute immensely to the betterment of the world. I also believe that we are the first and the greatest religion from Japan that can be of service to the promotion of world peace.
We often say that religion has no boundaries, and this is true for our religion. We hope that not only the Japanese but also people in the East understand our truthfulness and the spiritual power God has entrusted to us. If they do, I am certain that they can attain a noble and pure spirit with a mind of lasting and genuine peace.
In order to establish world peace and to eradicate human conflicts, our teaching must spread throughout the world in the coming days. Those who cannot accept the truth taught by us are ill-fated and negate peace.
Q: This was your long held theory, was it not?
A: That’s right. Recently, God’s power has strengthened, and so has our activity.