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I tell you my followers,
Do not underestimate and bear in mind –
The holy name of the Great Messiah is the name
That brings salvation at the end times.

On the day of Last Judgment,
The love of God, our Father, will appear.
How fortunate we are
That His power of forgiveness has come so near!

Now is the time
When everything old collapses.
It is also the time
For something entirely new to be born!


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
How awesome and joyful it is,
When the Spirit of God named Messiah
Descends to the earth,
To this very world we now live in!

Not knowing where I was going
Or what I was doing, I was lost.
But God manifested!
He made my eyes open to His saving light!
The joy it brings to my life cannot be measured.

Whenever I go into Your bosom
And kneel before You,
My eyes are filled with tears.
O God! You who have delivered me
And saved my body and soul!


Alas! Jesus Christ has ascended to heaven.
But he prophesied his second coming –
And he promised to return to the Land of Gold!
*“Land of Gold” refers to Japan.

Almost like a thief and without being noticed,
The Christ has already descended.
And he has chosen the Land of Gold!

I am overjoyed!
The time has come
When the great light of the Messiah in Japan
Starts to shine upon the whole world!


Hymns for Prayer for World Peace
My fellow workers!
Enveloped in the great divine light and united firmly,
We must move forward together
And bring salvation to the world!

My friends of light!
People are wandering around in darkness
Like stray sheep.
Let us be their beacon of light!

You my followers!
Hold up the torch of God’s light high
And advance unyieldingly without hesitation.
We are going to establish an everlasting peace!


Hymns for Grand Ancestor Service
By the power of God,
By His love and mercy,
All souls in heavenly, spiritual and earthly realms
Must be being saved and raised from the dead now,
At this very moment!

Looking up at the sky and its vastness,
I ponder.
How immense and unlimited the grace of God is!

I tell you, my people.
And be prepared.
This is how you survive the end of the world with ease.


How great is the blessing!
We have come to know that
The power to save all of humanity
Comes from the Lord God,
And Him only!

Jesus Christ preached God the Father.
I preach the Lord God.
My followers, know this as I do:
Jesus and I are preaching the same God!

One who does not know God,
Their sincerity is a mere disguise.
One who knows God,
Their sincerity is true and genuine.


Education, morals, and ethics.
They are not true teachings, but temporal ones.
The birth of my teaching has brought an end to all of them.

No matter how much a culture advances,
What happiness is there for humanity without God!

I will smash the current, long-standing, temporal civilization to pieces.
And I am going to establish a genuine civilization that truly flourishes.


The Messiah has appeared!
The joyful voices of all souls resound in the world!
Their voices may not be heard by human ears,
But they echo in all three realms of
The divine, spiritual and material!

Life belongs to God.
How can you live on and prosper
If you rebel against God?

My followers,
You must fear God and
Follow the righteous path.
God gave me the mission
To guide you to become such a human being!


If God is the Maker of human beings,
Would He not prepare enough provisions to sustain them all?
Of course He would!

I am filled with sin.
But You, God, You did not punish me for it.
Instead, You pour Your boundless blessings on me!

O benevolent and compassionate God!
Please, please turn Your face to me
And receive my token of sincerity,
Even though it is utterly incomparable with
The bountiful blessings You have given me.


I came into the world
To forgive the sins and transgressions of humans.
They have accumulated so much
In all the years of human history.

This sinful world we now live in is about to perish.
What could keep it alive?
I tell you this, my followers.
It only can be saved through the power of the Messiah!

I am not even worthy to be numbered among Your servants.
But I plead for Your mercy, God:
Include me in Your work!
No matter how minor and insignificant a role You assign me,
I am happy just to be able to play a part in Your work!


With the arrival of the New Year,
Let us all glorify, celebrate and praise God,
For I see a herald
That God’s plan is about to unfold at long last!

O God Most High,
You are the lord of salvation
And descend from heaven to earth.
Allow me to look up at Your great light!

The power I exercise comes from the spirit of the sun.
It disperses the darkness of this seemingly unchanging world!


From today, the day of risshun (beginning of spring),
My work will shine forth like the sunrise!

O God,
How severe is the day You pronounce Your final judgment!
Even the most evil and unrighteous people will repent
And bow down before You.

At the end of time,
Lord Messiah will descend,
Surrounded by voices of Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Persecution and misunderstanding surround me.
Yet I spend my days peacefully and relaxed.

My life is more painful than others’,
More joyful than others’.
I have to accept this as my destiny.

In darkness,
A light has descended.
It will spread to the very ends of the earth.


O the greatness of nature and its providence!
How can mere logic and reasoning of humans fathom it?

This material world is about to perish.
But how magnificent is God who endows life to it!

Live righteously,
And do not take your life lightly.
It was God who granted it to you –
The life that is so precious and noble!


O the wonderous work of the Messiah!
It bestows divine wisdom on all
And makes known the true nature of all things.

The time will come
When people clearly see with their eyes
The divine law of creation and destruction.

My followers,
I will tell you the kind of person God loves.
They are those who walk their life
With perseverance and tireless effort,
Nourishing great hope in their heart.


The words of lies and deceit that come out of the mouths of people.
They are the reason why the world is in chaos.

Happy are those who know that
Even though human eyes can be fooled,
The eyes of God cannot be deceived.

Having no shame before heaven
And no fear on earth –
They will be loved by God as His children.


O God Most High,
You are the lord of salvation
And descend from heaven to earth.
Allow me to praise Your glorious work!

At the end of time,
Lord Messiah will descend,
Surrounded by voices of Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Right from this moment,
The degree of destruction and creation
That we have never witnessed before is going to take place.
Everyone, I say,
Fear and Rejoice.


God paints a masterpiece with all sorts of colors.
He paints “Heaven on Earth.”

Ideologies and isms.
Many create them and attempt to move forward,
But their paths are so narrow that, before long, they are unable to continue on.

My followers,
You now take part in the glorious divine work
That humanity has yet to experience.
So I say,
Discard your narrow, small and petty mind!


O God, I have disobeyed you and, thus, sinned!
Repentant, I now have become one who kneels before You.

It is Your light.
It is only Your divine light, O God,
That saves the lost sheep who wander on dark paths.

Good actions –
No matter how good and right your deeds are,
If you do not know God,
Those actions are usually self-seeking.


O Lord of Salvation,
You have descended from the clouds of glory
To forgive the sins of all people!

O how awesome is the holy work of the Messiah!
He exercises His power
And divides Good and Evil.

I know the severity of the day of Your Judgment, O God.
Every single evil person in existence will bow before You
And repent.


The light of God –
The true light of God
Is the light emitted by the Lord God!

God is the Ruler of the universe.
He forgives any kind of sin.
And He punishes every kind, too!

O the Messiah!
We are all humbled before you –
You who threw off the robe of Miroku,
And have come to the fore so courageously!