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Meeting with Kyoshu-sama

Kyoshu-sama’s Message
(Including Question & Answer)

Meeting with Kyoshu-sama
Directors and Ministers of World Church of Messiah Portugal
and Overseas Ministers

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, Lisbon, Portugal
October 31, 2019

This time, I was able to come to Portugal because President Fernando and his wife Luciana came to Japan in February of this year and spoke in detail about the situation in Portugal, the situation all of you were in. In those very difficult circumstances, you resolved with courage to be together with me in heart. I heard this, and, by all means, I wanted to come here.

To President Fernando, his wife Luciana and all of you who made this decision, I sincerely thank you.

Muito obrigado. (Thank you)

As Meishu-sama has revealed to us, something I repeatedly say, God’s will is to make us His own children. A Messiah – to make us be born anew as a child of God, as a Messiah – this is God’s will.

For that purpose, by all means, God had to free humanity from the dead-end kind of faith we held until now and guide us to grow to the next phase of faith. For this, I believe that God boldly confronted us.

As a matter of fact, precisely because God has already welcomed us into this new phase and has been nurturing us, this time’s confusion in the church happened.

Within us, we have a heart that believes in God, and we have a heart that finds it inconvenient to believe in Him.

Because humanity has placed importance on human advantage, it is actually inconvenient to humans for God to manifest Himself. This kind of thing exists within our hearts.

But it is God’s purpose to save all of humanity, and it is Meishu-sama’s wish.

“To save” means for all of humanity to know God, to know the name of Messiah and to become a child of God. People who believe and people who don’t believe, both, must be saved.

In Japan, Portugal and in many other countries, in regard to what I say, there are people who try to receive it, and there are people who do not want to receive it and they oppose it. It was clear to anyone that these two distinct parties emerged. I believe it is because God manifested within us, boldly confronted us and tried to make us realize the heart within each one of us that believes in God and the heart that does not believe.

We are vessels that receive God’s will.

It is certain that God’s will has already reached the deepest parts of the hearts of all of humanity. It is certain that the name of Messiah, too, has reached the deepest parts of all of humanity.

Even though it has reached all of humanity, because we are the receiving vessels, both reactions – the thoughts that receive the name and, the opposite, the thoughts that do not want to receive nor believe – are appearing.

I believe that this time’s occurrences are an indication of God boldly confronting us telling us that He will forgive both of us together as one – those who want to obediently receive the name of Messiah and those who do not want to receive it – and will make us all His children.

God is Creator, and with His power and authority, He determined in the Beginning His will of making us, all of humanity, His children. All of humanity received that promise from God and then was sent to this earth.

So even the people who we think oppose us, we surrender to God and pray that He may receive us as ones who have been forgiven together with them, us and them, together as one, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama. In this way, we channel to God. That is our duty.

Although we say this, there is no need for us to attune ourselves to them. Rather, in order for God to accomplish His will, I believe it is better to think that we have received the divine work as ones who were first to know that God is using all of us operating together.

Right now, many phenomenal occurrences are taking place, but if we have thoughts or feelings on something, no matter how slight a matter may be, each one of us needs to recognize that God, regarding this matter, has “raised His hand here and has forgiven this,” and He has forgiven the obedient hearts as well as the disobedient hearts together, received them and is accomplishing His will. We need to determine this in our hearts.

What do you think? Can you somewhat grasp what I am trying to say? (Big applause from the venue.)

Obrigado. (Thank you.)

I believe it is better to think that it is precisely because we are in a new phase that we feel there are a lot of old things.

If we can accept with conviction that our worrying and suffering, in itself, is our being used in God’s divine work of creation in making all things new, I believe God and Meishu-sama will be very happy.

We may want to escape from all of this, but, in actuality, we cannot. That is because we are being used in pioneering divine work.

As I said a moment ago, all of humanity has received a soul into which the will of God to make us His children, Messiahs, has been engraved. And still carrying it, we are here on this earth now. Our believing or not believing are the reactions we have as a receiving vessel.

Regardless of whether we believe or not, the fact that the soul of God exists within us means that we have received God’s will.

Right now, we think and act as if this soul were our own, as if it were “my soul.” But it is God’s soul. We accompany God, come to this earth and are made to go to various places – dirty places or places we don’t like, beautiful places or places we like. In order for God’s forgiveness and salvation to encompass everything without exception, we are made to go to all kinds of places. We may believe that it is we, ourselves, that go there, but it would be good to think that it is God who goes there, and we are allowed to accompany Him.

God created everything. That is to say, God is responsible for everything. Just like a father and mother have complete responsibility for their children, to us, God is the Parent who bears us and, at the same time, the Parent who raises us. If God does not forgive the things that we did as His children, save us and welcome us into heaven once again, He cannot make all of humanity His own children.

And so that is why God had to send Jesus to the earth and had to have him atone and pay the price for the sins of all of humanity. It may seem to you that this was the work of Jesus, but, actually, it was the work done by God Himself, and Jesus served in that work.

If God had no intention to forgive, why would it have been necessary for God to atone for our sins? All people will be atoned for, forgiven, saved and will return to God’s heaven – this is what has been promised. So it is our duty to serve believing in that promise and believing that we are being used in this divine work.

Meishu-sama revealed to us the Transition from Night to Day and his being born anew as the Messiah as fact. That is because he was trying to teach us that God’s will to atone for, forgive, save and revive all of humanity is within us. It is an enormous blessing that we have been allowed to know this, that we have come to know this.

We have been able to know the name of Messiah. Through Meishu-sama, we have been able to know the true meaning of Messiah. In heaven, when we were spiritual children of God, we knew this, but in this world, we forgot the name of Messiah and the will embedded in that name.

On this earth, through the Jewish people and through the Christian missionaries who set off from Portugal, turned to the world and came all the way to Japan, even we Japanese people were able to know the name of Messiah on this earth too.

We Japanese, who belong to a people that the Jewish called the Gentiles – people who did not know the true God – were able to know the name of Messiah. Currently, most people of the many countries around the world know the name of Christ or Messiah. Regardless as to what they believe, as in Japan, it is like the word “Christmas”; everyone well knows the name of Christ or Messiah.

However, through Meishu-sama, we were able to know the true meaning embedded in the Hebrew name “Messiah,” or in Greek, “Christ.” Meishu-sama, who was Japanese, received the name. And through Meishu-sama, I, too, was able to know this. The members of Japan were also able to know this. And the followers of Meishu-sama all around the world were able to know this.

It is very important for us to recognize that we were able to know this truth and that we have received this truth.

However, just recognizing this is not enough for us who serve God.

An important duty for us is to not only recognize that we were able to know the name of Messiah; that we have the name of Messiah within us starting with ourselves; and that the name of Messiah is embedded in everyone and everything – we must take what we recognize and communicate it to God.

Tomorrow, we have the Grand Ancestor Service. Many ancestors, particularly Jewish people, Christian people and also Portuguese missionaries went through great difficulties and delivered the name of Messiah even all the way to Japan. So this time, I came from Japan to Portugal – I have the duty, together with all of you, to communicate to God, “We have received the name of Messiah.”

I believe that God is now trying to receive the work of the many ancestors, including the missionaries who conveyed Christianity, as divine work that is alive and has the glory of serving God.

Many people took the trouble to make a far journey taking their own bodies to convey the name of Messiah. So this time, me and all of us from Japan who carried our bodies to this land – we, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, would like to communicate to God that we have received the name of Messiah together with all of you.

Obrigado. (Thank you very much.)




Question & Answer with Kyoshu-sama

Question from Ms. A:

Until now, we have overcome many difficulties. Any difficulties from here on, too, I think we will overcome. Based on that, I would like to receive your guidance. Not only for the church purification right now, but within our daily lives, it is very difficult to become someone who does not judge others. How do we hold back the feelings of blaming people? That is to say, these blaming feelings are constantly, constantly coming up. I cannot hold them back. So is it all right to simply surrender the various feelings that appear within us to God? In your case Kyoshu-sama, how did you deal with your various emotions?


(After all the questions have been asked)

Ms. A and Ms. B, thank you for your reports and also for your questions. And to President Fernando, thank you. (Pres. Fernando asked Masaaki-sama a question, also.)

Ms. A’s question was that she cannot help judging others so what can she do to not judge people.

I, too, no surprise, end up judging people. There is probably no human in this world that does not judge people.

God granted us in heaven a soul, consciousness and life. They are not ours; they are God’s. In order for God to make each and every one of us His own child, God made us believe, as if His consciousness were our own consciousness. Had He not done so, we would not have been able to become an individual.

Although it is God’s will to forgive all of us and welcome us into His heaven as His own children, because we have been made to carry consciousness, we naturally made that consciousness a standard of our own good and bad and ended up using it to enhance our own worth.

Even though each and every one of our consciousnesses is God’s consciousness, we turned it into a narrow, biased heart. We made our own yardstick of good and bad, began to view the world with that yardstick and ended up judging people. And with that, we cannot hold back our feelings of anger or of judgment. Even if we try, we cannot overcome it.

In this way, leaving God’s consciousness as our own consciousness means we cannot return to God’s home, to His heaven, where He first bore us. Why? It is because we have ended up becoming sinners before God.

The fact we made God’s consciousness our own consciousness is the true nature of sin. By the grace of God, that sin was atoned for and forgiven.

We made God’s consciousness our own consciousness, used it as our own yardstick of good and evil, judged people and lived a life comparing ourselves to others saying we are superior over others or inferior to others. We need to realize and recognize this part of ourselves, right now.

When we feel anger or when we judge others, we think that we are the ones that feel anger or are judging. But our hearts are composed of many elements that are all mixed together. The thoughts and feelings of our ancestors also come to us, and the thoughts and feelings of people throughout the world, like a broadcast, all come to us.

As such, we react to various matters. When we converse with someone, the feelings of judging and blaming may well up. When we directly see or listen to various situations, when we watch the television or read the newspaper, all kinds of feelings well up including feelings of judgment.

At those times, we think that we are the ones that are judging, but, to tell you the truth, I believe it is better to realize that God is using our thoughts and feelings in this way.

If we realize this, we need to make a decision in our hearts and say, “God, You have seen these thoughts and feelings. You have forgiven them and are receiving them.”

When feelings of judgment well up within us, if you are able to see it as such, it is better to think that God is using us together with many other people in His work of creation. And it is better to think that He is in the middle of using us in His work of salvation of making us His own children, His work of creation of forgiving and saving all of humanity.

The name of Messiah is within us. The light of God is within us. That is exactly why many thoughts and feelings aim at us and burst in. Since God is trying to take in many people, those people want to take part in salvation and come to us. If we are able to think this, that is happiness.

For God, our thoughts and feelings are necessary to Him. In order for God to forgive and save everyone and everything, He absolutely needs our thoughts and feelings. I believe that for our worries and sufferings, our anger and judging feelings, God is saying to us, “Well done. I thank you for your work.”

So the question was is it simply enough to surrender, é suficiente (it is sufficient)? Actually, that is exactly what God is wishing for, that is what He is waiting for.

Because everything has already gathered to you, all you have to do is decide. Everyone wants to go back, to go home, so they have gathered to you, and I believe God is saying to you, “You don’t have to try so hard and keep all those thoughts and feelings to yourself. I have already forgiven everything. I have forgiven the heart that judges within you, too. I will receive them.” So if you say, “God, rejoice and be glad! Many people have come to me, seeking to return to heaven. In the name of Messiah, I surrender myself to You along with those who have come to me,” God will most certainly be happy, and Meishu-sama will be happy, also.

I am forgetful about this too, but when I remember, I say to God, “I remembered! Thank you.” I go about my life in this way – surrendering to God and believing that He receives it. Could you, too, along with me have these same kinds of thoughts?


(To Kyoshu-sama) May I ask a question? Just a moment ago, you said the thoughts and feelings “burst in.” Does that mean that God brings them along to you?


You are right. God gathers them.


Is it all right to interpret this as God gathering them saying, “I bring these to you. I’m counting on you!” It is different from saying that those thoughts and feelings burst in naturally on their own, correct?




Question from Ms. B:

I would like to know more about what Meishu-sama teaches on the equality of men and women. What role should men and women assume in this new phase of divine work?


In regard to equality of men and women, Meishu-sama says that as a product of democracy, gender equality is a very good thing. He says that especially in a place such as Japan, where for a long time, women’s rights were ignored, and they were in an unfortunate standing, it is needless to say how much women have been saved by gender equality. Meishu-sama said this in 1950. That means close to 70 years ago. In Japan, about five years before that, women finally were enfranchised and given the right to vote. So it was a time when gender equality was still not rooted in their thinking.

Meishu-sama very well knew that gender equality was progressing particularly in the Western countries and considered it a good thing. But Meishu-sama said that is not all. The problem is, eventually, gender equality means that both men and women will assert their rights and will end up being in conflict with each other. Equality of men and women is important, but rather, Meishu-sama teaches about the importance of harmony amongst each other.

Meishu-sama teaches that men and women should receive the same circumstances and treatment, but it is not about asserting each other’s rights or privileges. It is about helping and being in harmony with each other. This is a very important matter.

What comes to mind in regard to this is what Meishu-sama teaches us on how humans have a yukon and genkon, a spiritual soul and a physical soul, in other words, we have two souls. He teaches that the first soul exists in the spiritual realm, in heaven. The other one exists in the physical realm, on this earth.

All things came from God, so the soul that is called the yukon and the soul that is called the genkon were originally one in God’s heaven.

Here on earth, we have become men or we have become women, right? But in the world of heaven, the world where man and woman were yet to be separated, we were neither man nor woman. We existed as one pair of yukon and genkon.

In heaven, each one of us was a pair of souls, paternal and maternal. In this created world, that is this earth, through the sending of one of those souls, we become a man or we become a woman.

Ms. B is a woman, so on this earth, your maternal soul was sent and became a woman. Within the central part of you, heaven, remains the paternal soul. In the case of a man, it is the opposite. So this means that both men and women, within each person respectively, carry both a paternal and maternal soul.

God is not only using us as what we became in this world; a man or a woman. He is also using the other soul that exists in heaven, together with the physical one, as one soul, as a pair of souls.

On this earth, men fall in love with women, and women fall in love with men, both seeking to become one with each other. And then man and woman unite and bear a child. A new human being is born, right?

So for us to return to heaven means that, if you are a woman, as the one who carries the maternal soul on this earth, you return to heaven where the paternal soul exists, and the paternal and maternal soul become a pair.

It is our duty for us to return to heaven, become a pair of paternal and maternal souls, show it to God, who prepared our pair of souls, and communicate to Him, “By you, I became a human being. And now, I have returned to You.”

Just as on this earth, when man and woman unite as one and bear a child, when we return to heaven, become a pair of souls and should God acknowledge and deem it as good, He bears a new child within us. This is what it means to be born anew as a child of God, a Messiah.

So it is important to recognize and communicate to God that in order for God to make us be born anew, He is advancing the divine work of creation using not just ourselves on this earth, but our true self in heaven, too – using both souls, using everything of ours.

By our doing this, God will guide us so that this earthly world will become a more harmonious one. By our returning to heaven within the various conflicts between men and women or between human beings, if it is God’s will, I believe He will make such relationships in this world, little by little, more and more, orderly and harmonious ones.