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“Gratitude gives birth to gratitude and ingratitude creates more ingratitude. This is because gratitude reaches God while ingratitude reaches dark forces.
Therein lies the reason why those who are always grateful naturally enjoy happiness, while those who are ungrateful and constantly complain are unhappy and become more and more unfortunate.

As one prominent spiritual leader in Japan aptly wrote, “If you rejoice, joyous things will come to you.”


Dear Members and contributors,

Congratulations on your participation in Meishu-Sama’s Work of building Paradise on Earth in Australasia through your sincere donations. It is wonderful to see sincere people such as you willing to support Meishu-Sama’s ideal and promoting our faith in the world. Your kind support and devotion is highly appreciated. Please receive our deepest appreciation.

 For transactions inside Australia

 Commonwealth Bank of Australia

 Account Name:               Johrei ssociation Ltd

 Branch Number (BSB):   063 228

 Account Number:           10105180

 For International transactions


 Swift Code:     CTBAAU2S

 Bank Address:

 259 Lygon St., Carlton VIC 3053

Please, inform us by e-mail (degodoyhoracio@johrei.org.au) as soon as you complete your donation transfer, for us to be able to offer a special prayer at the Altar of our Australasian Headquarters for your spiritual elevation, and for the elevation of your family and ancestors.

Let us aim together to Build our own Johrei Centres in Australasia, expanding Johrei and Meishu-Sama’s Teachings to the world in harmonious cooperation.

Congratulations once again for your sincere donation, serving God and Meishu-Sama, and participating actively in the work of the salvation of humanity.

Kind Regards,

World Church of Messiah Australia