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  • Uluru – Aboriginal Sacred Place

    Uluru – Aboriginal Sacred Place

  • Heian-kyo – Kyoto Sacred Grounds

    Heian-kyo – Kyoto Sacred Grounds

    Heiankyo (about 10 ha / 1,075,268 sq ft) is located in Sagano area in Kyoto where the remnant of anc...

  • Zuiun-kyo – Atami Sacred Grounds

    Zuiun-kyo – Atami Sacred Grounds

    Zuiun-kyo is the name given to the Sacred Grounds of Atami. Zuiun means a bank of light clouds said...

  • Shinsen-kyo – Hakone Sacred Grounds

    Shinsen-kyo – Hakone Sacred Grounds

    Hakone Sacred Grounds Komyo Shinden (Divine Light Sanctuary) Shinsen means that which has a mystic o...

  • Guarapiranga Sacred Grounds

    Guarapiranga Sacred Grounds

    Following the example of nature, where everything develops from a small way or a small model, Mokiti...

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New Year Message by Kyoshu-sama

New Year Message by Kyoshu-sama

Enveloped in God’s love and grace, I thank God that we are starting yet another glorious year as His humble servants. Together with all of you followers around the world, I would like to offer my most sincere New Year greetings to God and to Meishu-sama who is with Him. Happy New Year! In deep awe and fear of God, I say that within each one of us t...

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Special Guests

Special Guests

Rev. Keizo Miura, Director of the International Department of the Johrei Headquarters in Japan, visited the Australian Headquarters once again and att...

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Johrei Association Jornual – July 2016

Johrei Association Jornual – July 2016

Johrei Association of Australia News Letter 2016 Issue 3 July – September 2016 “By teaching Truth, Virtuous living, And the enjoyment of beauty, I gui...

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